Janaina Lima

Citizenship : Brazil

Occupation : Singer , Dancer, Choregrapher...
Active Years: 2002 to present


Janaina Lima is a singer, songwriter, dancer and choreographer Brazilian. Best known as lead singer of electronic music Kaleidoscópio group.
Janaína turned professional as a dancer at the age of 15 participating in national and international dance festivals, including even a video-clip of the pop star Prince.


In 2000 ventured into the music experience as a singer of the band Father Bear and also in participation in the project "Ram Science" Dj Ramilson Maia, where later, the partnership was born the Kaleidoscope project, with great success in Brazil, and others countries like much of Europe and Japan. In 2002, shortly before the group was formed, Janaina participated reaching the final stages of Popstars, talk musical show of success in Brazil revealed the Rouge group.

In 2003 launched the first album and signed with the group where after the most successful phase in Brazil, lived a while in Japan. He also attended the CD and tour closing concert of violinist Chieko Kinbara. "Strings Of Life Release Tour Final" in Liquidroom, Tokyo, Japan. In 2010 he recorded his first solo album, "Take Me With You" with a less danceable rhythm, as it has as MPB base. the CD has songs with makeup artist herself and some partnerships.

In mid-2012 the group returns to playing shows around the world. Between September and December 2012 janaina participated as a choreographer and Idols Kids program performance instructor in Network Record.

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