Olga Souza

Real Name : Olga Maria de Souza

Born: 16/07/1968 (54 yo)
Birth place: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Citizenship : Brazil

Occupation : Singer , Dancer, Choregrapher...
Active Years: 1994 to present


Olga Maria de Souza is a Brazilian singer, and dancer. She is best known as a member of the musical project, Corona, produced by Checco "Lee Marrow" Bontempi.


Souza was born on 16 July 1968 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to a musical family. Her father was a musician and her mother was a singer. Ever since she was young, music has been her passion. Olga worked in a bank for a few years before deciding to travel around the world. She finally arrived in Italy, where she was discovered by the band Corona.


Corona released their first single, The Rhythm of the Night in 1994, which remained at #1 in the Italian charts for 13 weeks. The album was sent to Europe and topped the charts, selling more than 1 million copies, and made platinum. Corona began their first world tour, and the album was released in the United States.

Corona’s second album Walking On Music, was released in 1998. In 2000, Corona's third album, “And Me U”, was released. Corona participated as a guest in a concert named “Angel Live”, dedicated to John Paul II in 2006. Souza returned to America in 2007, where she continued her tour with the band. Recently, Corona released their fourth album named Y Generation, with POP Records.

Television work

In 1996, Souza debuted as a host, on the television show, Festivalbar. She had success and was asked to host a show named “Dance Machine” in France.

Since May 2014, she has appeared as a contestant on the brazilian game show "Hora do Faro" aired on brazilian tv channel Rede Record.

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Main albums    

  •     The Rhythm of the Night
  •     Walking On Music
  •     And Me U
  •     Y Generation



  •     "The Rhythm of the Night" (1994)
  •     "Baby Baby" (1995)
  •     "Try Me Out" (1995)
  •     "I Don't Wanna Be a Star" (1995)