Inna Modja

Real Name : Inna Bocoum

Born: 19/05/1984 (38 yo)
Birth place: Bamako (Mali)

Citizenship : Mali, France

Occupation : Singer


Inna Modja is a Malian-French female singer and model. "Modja" means "bad, not good" in Fulfulde.


Inna Bocoum owes her name to the name of artist Inna Modja (Inna MoÆ´Æ´a) that her mother gives her, which means "Inna is bad or Inna is not good" in Fulani, born May 19, 1984 in Bamako, Mali of a Fulani family of seven children she is the sixth. At the age of 6 years old her parents enrolled her in a choir. At home, her father encouraged her to move forward by making her listen to records he loves (artists such as Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Otis Redding, Sarah Vaughan) but it is also very influenced by her seniors who live in their period trashy punk, rap 80/90 's, heavy metal, to blues, soul and disco. Teenager, she vacillates between hard rock and love songs but in the end there is just singing. She visits her neighbour musician named Salif Keita, who joined the Rail Band of Bamako, a group of swingers grandpa (bossa nova & jazz) with whom she has made her debut.

2009: Early career & Everyday is a New World

From this experience, Inna Modja retains an ability to adapt to all the rhythms they are swing or disco. She finally opted for a pop soul that is ideally suited to his mischievous nature. After a duet with Jason Mraz on France 2 on the occasion of the Fête de la Musique, Inna Modja provides a first part for Sliimy. She released her first single Mister H from his debut album Everyday is a New World which was released in October 2009 and sang on TV shows such as Sunday or Highly Taratata.

2011 - present: Love Revolution

She returned in June 2011 offering its new title French Cancan (Nitouche Mr. Holy). It will become one of the hits of the summer of 2011, positioning itself at the top # 1 TV, Radio # 5 on top and # 3 in Top 50 singles. Building on its success, she offers a second single and the daughter of Lido Love Revolution album November 7, 2011. In February 2012, she released her third single, I am smiling with a clip, made in collaboration with their fans, consists of videos sent by them. She participated in the 2011 Telethon.

Inna participate in 2012 with Alain Chamfort in his album Elles & Lui.

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  • 2009      Everyday is a New World            
  • 2011      Love revolution



  • 2009      "Mister H"
  • 2010      "Life"
  • 2011      "French Cancan (monsieur sainte Nitouche)"
  • 2011      "La fille du Lido"
  • 2012      "I Am Smiling"