Aurelie Konate

Born: 27/09/1976 (46 yo)
Birth place: Savigny-sur-orge (France)

Citizenship : France

Occupation : Singer , Actress



Aurelie is a french singer participant in the Star Academy TV show (2003)


The experience of Star Academy 2 has the beautiful Aurélie Konaté to stay on the front of the stage. A poster of the musical "Belle Belle Belle," she returns the public in the years Claude François.

Aurélie Konaté was born in Savigny sur Orge. Since the age of 4, she practices ballet, modern jazz and tap. She made her debut in the song in 1996, when she joined the group of girls' Foxies. "One single will emerge.

In 1999, she returned to the front of the stage, under the pseudonym of Eden Ly, with the title "Change the words" written by the brother of Ophélie Winter. But his record later broken the contract and Aurélie does not touch the song for two years.

In July 2002, she enrolled in the knowledge of his parents cast of the second edition of Star Academy. The wheel turns. Viewers are charmed by its freshness and sensuality. Aurélie will not access the final but his career did not stop there.

It provides a tour of the Star Academy 2 and released a single "Quitte ou double." Aurelie then observed by the producer Gérard Louvin offering him one of three starring roles in the musical "Belle Belle Belle," dedicated to Claude François.

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  • 2003 Star Academy TV show season 2 (semi final)
  • 2003 Single Quitte ou double
  • 2003-2004 Musical "Belle Belle Belle"
  • 2008 Musical Josephine Baker
  • 2012 Musical Sister Act


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  • 2012 Alice Nevers, le juge est une femme (serie TV)
  • 2013 Camping Paradis (serie TV)